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Welcome to the Boundless Ideas Page!  This is a place where you can submit ideas for enhancement to Boundless for consideration in future versions.

A Desktop plug to work with

Pixelement has a server side service that takes in imagery collected from a plane or drone then converts it into 3D data.  THe idea is a plugin where the user to uploads data to the pixelement service then read the 3d data returned from pixelement into Desktop.  This plugin would be a good way to get desktop into the hands of pixelement's users.  Right now Pixelement is all web based, they don't directly support a desktop application.  Pixelement's primary customers are mining operations where 3D land data is important.  Technically this should be easy, and I think pixelement would be happy help a lot  

I met with the founder of pixelement at GeoYou in St. Louis last week.  He recommended this idea.  

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  • Sep 20 2017
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